AV7227002 Aviation 72 Short Tucano RAF Display 2013 ZF239

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Aviation 72 Range 1/72nd Scale
Short Tucano
RAF Display 2013

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Aviation 72 1/72nd scale AV7227002 Short Tucano RAF Display 2013 ZF239. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


The Short Tucano is a two-seat turboprop basic trainer built by Short Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a licence-built version of the Brazilian Embraer EMB-312 Tucano. The main operator is the Royal Air Force with exports to Kenya and Kuwait.

Since first deliveries to the RAF in 1989, the Tucano has been operated primarily from No 1 Flying Training School at RAF Linton-on-Ouse to provide basic fast-jet lead-in flying training to RAF and RN student pilots. The deployment is officially to 72 (Reserve) Squadron, 207 (Reserve) Squadron and 76 Squadron (Tucano Air Navigation Squadron). Student pilots fly around 130 hours during their training course on the Tucano before progressing to the Hawk T1 aircraft at RAF Valley.

The Short Tucano replaced the Jet Provost as the basic trainer for the RAF, preparing the student pilots for progression to the Hawk T1 advanced flying training. The aircraft proved to be 70% cheaper to operate than its predecessor.The Tucano’s accident record has also been remarkably better than other ab-initio training aircraft, with only three aircraft written-off in over 20 years.

In March 2007, regarding experiences from the War in Afghanistan, the British Parliament was debating the idea of replacing Harriers and Tornados for armed Short Tucanos during close air support missions. This would have required extensive modification as the RAF aircraft were not fitted with wing hard points.

RRP £35.00

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Historical Era

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