AF1-0117B Airforce 1 F-22A Raptor 05096 90th FS Elmendorf AFB Pair o’ Dice

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Airforce 1  1/72nd scale
F-22A Raptor
90th FS
Elmendorf AFB
Pair o' Dice

RRP £65.00

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Model Description

Airforce 1  1/72nd scale AF1-0117B  F-22A Raptor 05096 90th FS Elmendorf AFB Pair o’ Dice. Buy online now at Flying Tigers.


The USAF developed a requirement for a new air superiority fighter to replace the F-15 Eagle. Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF). The aircraft is constructed using 39% titanium, 24% composite material, 16% aluminum and 1% thermoplastic by weight. All these components contribute to the F-22 being a light weight, extremely maneuverable, extremely fast aircraft that uses stealth technology. The F-22 is also capable of ground attack, electronic warfare and signals intelligence.

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Weight 2000 g

Model Type


Historical Era

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Model Code: AF1-0117B

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Air Force 1, Military Aviation