AC094 Oxford Diecast Boulton Paul Defiant 151 Squadron, RAF Wittering, 1941

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd Scale
Boulton Paul Defiant
151 Squadron
RAF Wittering

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd scale AC094 Boulton Paul Defiant 151 Squadron, RAF Wittering, 1941 . Buy now online at Flying Tigers.


The Boulton Paul Defiant, manufactured by the British company Boulton Paul Aircraft, was designed by John Dudley North. Built as a two-seat fighter, night fighter and subsequently as a trainer and also in an air sea rescue role, just over 1000 were built and used by the RAF, as well as the Air Forces of Canada, Australia and Poland. The Defiant entered service with the RAF in December 1939. Nicknamed ‘Daffy’ by its crews, it had been designed as a turret fighter with no forward gun firing capability. This omission put it at a serious disadvantage against the enemy aircraft, particularly the Messerschmitt. However, it saw greater success as a night fighter.

151 Squadron RAF started World War II as a day-fighter squadron but in November 1940 turned its activity to piloting night-fighters, the Boulton Paul Defiant being one, which the squadron operated alongside the Hurricane. The Boulton Paul Defiant was only deployed with 151 Squadron for a short time into 1941, following which it turned exclusively to flying the Mosquito.

It is sad that only one original Boulton Paul Defiant survives today, on view in the RAF Museum in Hendon.

RRP £15.00

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