72AA006 Oxford Diecast Avro Anson No.6013 AA No.1 SFTS RCAF

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd scale
Avro Anson
No.6013 AA

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd scale 72AA006 Avro Anson No.6013 AA No.1 SFTS RCAF. Buy online now at Flying Tigers.


The Avro Anson was a British twin-engined aircraft that served with the RAF, Fleet Air Arm and some Commonwealth Air Forces before, during and after WWII. Developed from the Avro 652 airliner, the multi-role Anson Mk I was originally meant for maritime reconnaissance but after becoming obsolete in this role, it was found more suitable as a multi-engined aircrew trainer. A three to four seater plane, it was used to train pilots for flying multi-engined bombers such as the Avro Lancaster and was also used to train other crew members including navigators, wireless operators, bomb aimers and air gunners. It took its first flight in 1935, entered service in 1936 and was finally retired from the RAF as late as 1968. Over 11,000 were produced between its introduction in the 1930s and the end of production in 1952, just over 8000 in the UK and the remainder in Canada. The Anson Mk I did see some action as a limited number were used as coastal patrols and air/sea rescue during the War.

RRP £34.00

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Historical Era

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