MAGJK08 Ex Magazine 1/100th scale Canadair Sabre F4

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Ex Magazine
1/100th scale Diecast
Canadair Sabre F4

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MAGJK08 Ex Magazine 1/100th scale Diecast Canadair Sabre F4. Buy now online at Flying Tigers.


The Canadair Sabre is a jet fighter aircraft built by Canadair under licence from North American Aviation. A variant of the North American F-86 Sabre, it was produced until 1958 and used primarily by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) until replaced with the Canadair CF-104 in 1962. Several other air forces also operated the aircraft.

There were two major production runs of the aircraft. The first, the Mk. 2 and Mk. 4’s with just under 1,000 built, were very similar to their US counterparts, differing only in minor details. The second run, the Mk. 5’s and Mk. 6’s of similar numbers, were patterned on the later versions of the US Sabre with larger wings for improved maneuverability while replacing the original General Electric J47 engine with the locally-designed more-powerful Avro Canada Orenda. The Mk. 6, with a more powerful version of the Orenda, is widely considered the best of all Sabres.

The last of the Canadair Sabres in front-line operation were in Pakistan, whose AIM-9 Sidewinder equipped Mk. 6 models were the backbone of their air force during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. These racked up an impressive victory ratio over their Indian counterparts, which lacked missiles. These were slowly phased out after 1971, with the last examples leaving combat service in 1980. Although replaced by higher-performance designs in most other forces by the 1960s, late-model versions served in secondary roles into the 1970s.

Some Orenda-powered examples became famous for other feats. Most notable was the single Mk. 3, the test-bed for the Orenda fit, which Jacqueline Cochran used to set several speed records and then break the sound barrier in 1953. Another, an ex-RCAF Mk. 6 that left service in 1974, went on to become Boeing’s chase plane for test flights until 1991. Many of these later aircraft are now preserved in museums.

RRP  £30.00

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