HL9017 Hobbymaster EC-121R Constellation 67-21487, “Da Nang Glider” 553rd RW, USAF Korat RTAFB Thailand, June 1969

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Hobbymaster 1/200th scale
EC-121R Constellation
"Da Nang Glider"
553rd RW
June 1969

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Hobbymaster 1/200th scale HL9017 EC-121R Constellation 67-21487, “Da Nang Glider” 553rd RW, USAF Korat RTAFB Thailand, June 1969. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


In 1954 the Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star was introduced and operated until 1978. These aircraft were used as airborne early warning radar surveillance to work in conjunction with the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) Line. The USAF used these aircraft in Vietnam as electronic sensor monitors and to detect enemy aircraft activity as well as a few other operations. These aircraft were the forerunners to today’s E-3 Sentry AWACS. The USAF aircrews used the nickname “Connies”, a play on the word Constellation.

During the Vietnam War EC-121R Constellations were used to monitor enemy movements. On June 4, 1969 EC-121R 67-21487 c/n 4480, former USN 143206, departed Korat RTAFB for an 8 hour on site orbit. Shortly after entering the orbit all 4 engines shut down without any warning and the aircraft became a glider. Without pressure from the engines there were no hydraulics and the pilot had to wrestle with manual controls to keep the aircraft from diving and/or rolling. Eventually the engineer was able to restart the engines and they flew to the closest base at Da Nang, thus becoming the “Da Nang Glider”. No explanation was ever reached as to why this occurred.

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