HL1307 Hobbymaster C-47A “Camel Caravan to Berlin” 86th Transport Squadron, 1948

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Hobbymaster 1/200th scale
"Camel Caravan to Berlin"
86th Transport Squadron

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Hobbymaster 1/200th scale HL1307 C-47A “Camel Caravan to Berlin” 86th Transport Squadron, 1948. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


The Douglas DC-3 (DC – Douglas Commercial) is considered by many as the aircraft that revolutionized commercial air travel in the 20th Century. The maiden flight of the DC-3 took place on December 17, 1935, the 32nd anniversary of the Wright Brother’s historic flight at Kitty Hawk. Now airlines were able to be profitable without depending on U.S. Mail subsidies and passengers could now fly transcontinental with just one re-fueling stop. There are many DC-3s still flying 75 years after their maiden flights.

During the Berlin Airlift that lasted from June 24, 1948 until May 12, 1949 the 86th Fighter Group had chosen a camel as its mascot and flew one in from Libya that they named Clarence. In October 1948 a C-47A with Clarence aboard and designated “Camel Caravan To Berlin” left Neubiberg AB laden with thousands of pounds of candy, games and toys as a good will gesture for the children of Berlin that were caught in the Soviet imposed blockade of the city.

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Historical Era

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