HA9104 Hobbymaster PBY-1 Liberator “Subduer” BuNo 32057, VPB-107, Natal, Brazil, early 1943

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Hobbymaster 1/144 scale
PBY-1 Liberator
BuNo 32057
Early 1943

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Hobbymaster 1/200th scale HA9104 PBY-1 Liberator “Subduer” BuNo 32057, VPB-107, Natal, Brazil, early 1943. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


The B-24 was the most produced American bomber in WWII. The demand was so great that Consolidated was unable to keep up so contracts were awarded to Douglas, Ford and North American. The D variant became the most numerous with 2,698. The design of the B-24 allowed it to carry the same payload as the Boeing B-17 and do it faster and further. Compared to the sleek look of the B-17 the B-24 looked awkward and B-17 crews referred to it as “the crate the B-17 was shipped in”.

On September 15, 1941 VP-83 was formed at Dunkeswell, England and renamed VB-107 on May 15, 1943 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Here they received the Army B-24D Liberator that the USN designated PB4Y-1. Between June and July 1943 VB-107 transferred to Natal, Brazil. The task for VB-107 was to patrol off the coast of Brazil in search of German submarines and to destroy them when located. VB-107 became VPB-107 in October 1944. PB4Y-1 32057 ex USAAF 42-40572 “Subduer” remained in service until July 1945 when it was stricken off charge.


RRP £56.00

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