HA7736 Hobbymaster F-51D Mustang Capt J.W. Rogers, 36th FBS, 8th FBW, Korean War

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Hobbymaster 1/48th scale
F-51D Mustang
Capt J.W. Rogers
36th FBS
8th FBW
Korean War

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Hobbymaster  1/48th scale HA7736 F-51D Mustang Capt J.W. Rogers, 36th FBS, 8th FBW, Korean War. Buy online now at Flying Tigers.

Later in WWII the Allied bombers were flying deep into Germany but suffered tremendous losses because of the lack of range the fighter escorts had. German fighters would wait beyond the range of the Allied fighters and then attack the vulnerable bombers. Once the P-51 called Mustang by the British had the Allison engine replaced with a British Merlin it possessed the high performance that had been lacking. With drop tanks the P-51 had the range to escort bombers all the way to Berlin and back.

On November 8, 1950 Captain J. W. Rogers made what probably was the luckiest shot of the Korean War. While flying his F-51D Mustang 44-74941 “Buckeye Blitz VI” four MiG-15s came from behind and over flew him. Purely out of instinct Rogers fired at the quickly disappearing targets and as luck would have it he downed one of the MiG-15s. The kill was verified by other F-51 pilots. His aircraft markings show 12 tanks, 2 trains and 130 missions.

RRP £74.00

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Historical Era


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