HA6302A Hobbymaster Su-34 Fullback Fighter Bomber Red 21, Russian Air Force, Syria, 2015

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale
Su-34 Fullback Fighter Bomber
Red 21
Russian Air Force

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA6302A  Su-34 Fullback Fighter Bomber Red 21, Russian Air Force, Syria, 2015. Buy online at Flying Tigers.

The Sukhoi Su-34 “Fullback” is an all-weather supersonic medium-range fighter-bomber/strike aircraft developed for the Russian Air Force and Navy with the intent to replace the Su-24M “Fencer” and Tu-22MS long-range bomber. The Fullback is based on the Su-27 “Flanker” and has an armored cockpit that is occupied by two-crew seated side-by-side. The aircraft’s main role is deployment against ground and/or naval targets. As of April 2018 there have been 122 aircraft manufactured including 7 prototypes. The export designation of the Su-34 is Su-32.

In September 2015 six Su-34 aircraft arrived at Syria’s Bassel Al-Assad international Airport at Latakia. Russia began aerial attacks on September 30 in the Homs region against the Islamic State. In October Su-34s used concrete-piercing bombs to destroy underground bunkers containing explosives and ammunition. The Su-34 targets were located using the GLONASS satellite system. In November 8 more Su-34s arrived in Syria. While in Syria the Su-34 maintained a 70% availability rate and gave the Russian Air Force an opportunity to sharpen their skills. Su-34 Red 21 was given serial RF-95002.

RRP £128.00

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Historical Era

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