HA4911 Hobbymaster Lockheed S-3B Viking BuNo 159746 , VX-30 “Bloodhounds”, 2016

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Hobbymaster  1/72nd scale range
Lockheed S-3B Viking
BuNo 159746
VX-30 "Bloodhounds"

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA4911 Lockheed S-3B Viking BuNo 159746 , VX-30 “Bloodhounds”, 2016. Buy online now at Flying Tigers.


In 1974 the Lockheed S-3 Viking entered service with the USN as a twin-engine jet aircraft used for enemy submarine warfare. By the late 1990’s the role shifted to surface warfare providing the carrier battle group with long range surveillance capabilities and aerial refueling. The S-3 was in production from 1974 until 1978 with 186 (187) aircraft completed. Most airframes saw upgrades to the S-3B and sixteen became ES-3A “Shadow” electronic intelligence collection aircraft. The low pitch sound of the engines earned the S-3 the nickname “Hoover” after the vacuum cleaner.

The first of three S-3Bs received by VX-30 “Bloodhounds” was 160147 after it and two other Vikings underwent ten months of depot-level restoration meant to increase their life-span by 6 years. 160147 c/n 3129 was produced in a batch consisting of 148 and 149. The S-3B was used at Point Mugu, California for range clearance and surveillance near the shooting range. Between 1971 and 1978 179 operational S-3 Vikings were manufactured and assigned to 18 Navy squadrons accumulating over 1.7 million flight hours. S-3B 160147 was sent to the bone yard in January 2016.

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