HA2628 Hobbymaster Harrier GR.7 “Exercise Snow Falcon” ZG531, No1. Sqn., RAF, Norway 2004

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale
Harrier GR.7
"Exercise Snow Falcon"
No1. Sqn.

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British Aerospace Harrier II, Latest Hobbymaster Announcements and Herpa Updated Photos.

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA2628 Harrier GR.7 “Exercise Snow Falcon” ZG531, No1. Sqn., RAF, Norway 2004. Buy online now at Flying Tigers.


The GR.7 series is part of the second generation of Harriers and replaced the older GR. 3. This variant is quite similar to the American designed AV-8B but is built under license and equipped with RAF specific navigation and defence systems and added under-wing pylons. The GR.7 is capable of carrying twice the load of the GR.3 or the same load twice as far. The GR.7 first flew in 1989 and entered service in 1990. Of the 96 GR.7 Harriers belonging to the RAF, 62 originally were GR.5s that were upgraded.

The Harrier GR.7 made its maiden flight in 1990. In 2004 seven Harriers from 1 Squadron and 4 Squadron were given a temporary arctic white and grey winter camouflage paint scheme so they could participate in “Exercise Snow Falcon” beginning on January 23 and taking place at Bardufoss, Norway. One of the aircraft from 1 Squadron was ZG531, built in 1991 C/N P85. This aircraft was in service until 2010 and eventually made its way to the bone yard at Davis-Monthan AFB in 2018.

RRP £80.00

Weight 650 g

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Historical Era

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