HA2516 Hobbymaster F-105D Thunderchief “Triple MIG Killer” 62-4284, 465th TFS, AFRES, 1967

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale
F-105D Thunderchief
"Triple MIG Killer"
465th TFS

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA2516 F-105D Thunderchief “Triple MIG Killer” 62-4284, 465th TFS, AFRES, 1967. Buy online at Flying Tigers.

The F-105D was first accepted on September 28 1960 and became the major variant with 610 aircraft being built. Intended for a nuclear strike role but since the nuclear threat became less likely the role became a high-speed bomber. The Pitot tube was moved to the nose that had been extended approximately 15 inches more than the “B”. The “D” received strengthened landing gear and an arrestor hook in case it over shot the runway. During 1966 and 1967 F-105Ds managed to down 25 MiGs using the 20-mm cannon and 2 other using Side-Winder missiles.

In late 1965 Republic F-105D 62-4284 deployed to the Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base with the 354th TFS/355th TFW. On March 10, 1967 while flying F-105D 62-4284 Captain Max Brestel shot down two MiG-17s. This was the first time during the Vietnam War that
an F-105 shot down two aircraft on the same mission. On October 27, 1967 Captain Basel made 62-4284 a triple-MiG killer when he downed another MiG-17. F-105D 62-4284 survived Vietnam but was lost on March 12, 1976 during a training mission in Oklahoma.

RRP £ 84.00

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