HA19005 Hobbymaster F-110A Phantom II USAF TAC, Langley AFB, 1962

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale
F-110A Phantom II
Langley AFB

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA19005 F-110A Phantom II USAF TAC, Langley AFB, 1962. Buy online at Flying Tigers.

The USAF would acquire 583 F-4Cs that were basically F-4Bs retrofitted for ground operations. The F-4C arrived in Southeast Asia in early 1965 and by 1966 equipped 7 squadrons in Vietnam and 3 in Thailand. The early F-4Cs lacked guns and relied totally on missiles but it wasn’t long before the addition of SUU-16A gun pods with M-61AI-20-mm guns were put to use to compensate for the lack of internal guns. The first F-4Cs suffered from many defects and It wasn’t too long before the F-4D made an appearance.

McDonnell Douglas manufactured the F-4H for the USN and when the USAF saw the great performance they want the aircraft as well. Two USN F-4H-1 Phantom IIs; serial 149405 and 149406 were delivered to Langley Field for evaluation and re-serialled 62-12168 and 62-12169. In 1962 approval was given for the USAF variant to be designated the F-110 Spectre. Later to clear up confusion of the different designations both designs were named Phantom II. The USN variant became the F-4B while the USAF variant became the F-4C.

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