HA1815 Hobbymaster BF 110E-2 Trop 3U+OR, 7./ZG 26, Libya 1942

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Hobbymaster 1/72 scale
BF 110E-2
Trop 3U+OR
7./ZG 26
Libya 1942

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA1815 BF 110E-2 Trop 3U+OR, 7./ZG 26, Libya 1942. Buy online at Flying Tigers

When performing the task of escort and air superiority that they were originally designed for the Bf-110 Zerstorers “Destroyers” were very good against Poland and the Scandinavian countries early in WWII. But once they were put into this role during the Battle of Britain and came up against the much faster and more agile Hurricanes and Spitfires the Bf-110 suffered tremendous losses. They were withdrawn from this and found their calling as night fighters that inflicted large losses on the British bombers that were un-escorted.

Early in 1941 7./ZG 26 was posted in Sicily to protect supplies being transported from Italy to North Africa. They were also there to destroy any Allied aircraft or shipping in the region. In late 1941 7./ZG 26 was transferred to Derna, Libya to join the rest of III Gruppe that were trying to defeat the Allied offensive “Operation Crusader”. Aircraft used in North Africa were painted a sand color on the top portion with national insignias, fuselage codes, white fuselage bands and white-tipped propeller spinners.

RRP £70.00

Weight 750 g

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Historical Era

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