HA0133 Hobbymaster Ju 87D-3″Stuka” T6+EK, Eastern Front, WWII

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale
Ju 87D-3"Stuka"
Eastern Front

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Hobbymaster 1/72nd scale HA0133 Ju 87D-3″Stuka” T6+EK, Eastern Front, WWII. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


Because of the slow development of new attack aircraft Germany decided to improve what they already had, the Ju-87. The new and improved version was much more streamlined with an increase of power, so in 1942 all this gave birth to the Dora (D version) with a 1,400 hp Jumo 211 J or P engine. The new “D” version was going to be the main Stuka with over 5,000 Stukas built the Dora was the dominant one with more than 1500 D-3s were produced.

The early winter camo scheme was used by units equipped with the Stuka G variant. It was a white wash applied over the standard summer paint scheme with no standard pattern being used. The Soviet summer offensives was driving the Germans back into Central Ukraine and from August 1943 until October 1943 II./StG 2 had suffered 8 losses. One of the Stukas, T6+EK was piloted by 21 year old Friedrich “Fritz” Reissner who shot down by Anti Aircraft fire on April 27, 1943 just east of Krimskaja, Soviet Union.

RRP £80.00

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Historical Era


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