G2USC918 Gemini Jets US Coastguard Gulfstream C-37B

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Gemini Jets 1/200th scale
US Coastguard
Gulfstream C-37B

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Model Description

Gemini Jets 1/200th scale G2USC918 US Coastguard C-37B. Buy now online at Flying Tigers.


This aircraft contains a modern flight management system with a worldwide satellite-based GPS and comes in two variations. The C-37A is based upon Gulfstream V aircraft and the C-37B is based upon Gulfstream 550. Both are capable of high-altitude, intercontinental flight with cruise operations from 41,000 to 51,000 feet. Features include enhanced weather radar, autopilot and an ultra-modern heads-up display for the pilot. Safety features include enhanced vision systems that allows increased visibility in poor weather conditions. The aircraft is also equipped with both commercial and military communications equipment to provide secure and non-secure voice and data capability.

RRP £64.00

Weight 750 g
Historical Era


Model Type


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Model Code: G2USC918

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