FTA6 Flight out of Hell mounted print 27 inches x 20 inches (68cm x 50cm) by Nicholas Trudgian

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Framed with Glass.... Collection only.
Flight out of Hell by Nicholas Trudgian
Image size 27 inches x 19 inches (68cm x 48cm) approx.
Signed limited edition of 500 prints

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Gordon
Colonel William J. Cavioli
AMM John Brately
Captain Robert E. Lewis

No. 575 / 600

Framed with Glass.... Collection only. Please call 01604 499034 in advance to arrange collection. Minor bumps and dents may affect wooden frame. Photos available on request.

In stock

Model Description

FTA6 Flight out of Hell mounted print 27 inches x 20 inches (68cm x 48cm) by Nicholas Trudgian. Buy now online at Flying Tigers.

Lt. Nathan Gordon completes a remarkable third rescue during his February 15th mission, off the island of New Ireland, 1944. Ignoring heavy fire from enemy shore batteries he lifts his heavily laden PBY Catalina out of a choppy sea, with 25 aboard. Gordon was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.Standard Edition print run 600

Signed by Medal of Honor recipient Nathan Gordon and three aircrew involved in this historic mission.

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