72WD001 Oxford Diecast Westland Dragonfly Royal Navy WH991 Yorkshire Air Museum

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd scale
Westland Dragonfly
Royal Navy
Yorkshire Air Museum

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Oxford Diecast 1/72nd scale 72WD001 Westland Dragonfly Royal Navy WH991 Yorkshire Air Museum. Buy online at Flying Tigers.


The Sikorsky H-5, (initially designated R-5 and also known as S-48, S-51 and by company designation VS-327 was a helicopter built by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

It was used by the United States Air Force, and its predecessor, the United States Army Air Forces, as well as the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard (with the designations HO2S and HO3S). It was also used by the United States Post Office Department.

In December 1946, Westland Aircraft signed an agreement to build under licence the world’s first successful operational helicopter, the American Sikorsky S-51, which became the first production helicopter in Britain. Named the Dragonfly, the first British-built S-51 flew on 5th October 1948. Westland produced a total of 149. Of these 71 went to the Royal Navy, where they served mainly as plane guards to aircraft carriers to recover downed airmen, doing what had been the task for a destroyer and 250 men. A further 16 went to the Royal Air Force to form the first frontline helicopter squadron in the service.

WH991 first flew on 4th February 1953. Shortly afterwards it joined HMS Illustrious, but was soon returned to Westland for repairs. During the next few years it served on HMS Centaur and at Lee-on-Solent and Eglington in Northern Ireland. After modifications in 1958, WH991 was sent to Trinidad to serve on the survey ship, HMS Vidal. Back in England in 1960, the helicopter joined 700 Squadron at Yeovilton and 705 Squadron at Culdrose. In 1994, it was found in a nearby scrapyard by Museum member Ray McElwain, who has restored it for static display.

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