570794 Herpa Mikoyan MiG-29A Luftwaffe 29-10 Fulcrum Farewell

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Herpa 1/200th scale
Mikoyan MiG-29A
Luftwaffe 29-10
Fulcrum Farewell

RRP  £33.00

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Herpa 1/200th scale 570794 Mikoyan MiG-29A Luftwaffe 29-10 Fulcrum Farewell. Buy now online at Flying Tigers.


Following German reunification, the (West-) German Federal Army inherited the then state-of-the-art MiG-29s of East Germany’s National People’s Army. The agile fighter was a welcome participant in NATO exercises, acting as aggressor for air combat training. Before being phased out in 2003, 29+10 was painted with a special colour scheme, commemorating the numerous deployments to the U.S. as sparring partner. Every conceivable detail was replicated with the Oxford is the leading manufacturer of miniature models in the die cast area.

RRP  £33.00

Weight 650 g
Historical Era


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Model Code: 570794

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