559836 Herpa Piedmont Airlines Fairchild FH-227 ‘Appomattox Pacemaker’

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Herpa 1/200th scale
Piedmont Airlines
Fairchild FH-227
'Appomattox Pacemaker'

RRP  £59.00

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Model Description

Herpa 1/200th scale 559836 Piedmont Airlines Fairchild FH-227 ‘Appomattox Pacemaker’. Buy now online at Flying Tigers.


The Fairchild FH-227 is a license-built version of the Fokker F-27 with a slightly lengthened fuselage which saw great success in the US. One of the largest users was North Carolina-based Piedmont Airlines, which operated the two-engined turboprop from 1966 to 1974.

RRP  £59.00

Weight 750 g
Historical Era


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Model Code: 559836

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